Gathering around a well-set table is something I love. Dishes and bowls full of food, a beautifully set table, someone who has taken the time and effort. Sharing a meal is one of my favorite moments.

My name is Eglantine and this is my table.

The table is the place where we eat, talk and share, giving ourselves time to see, taste, smell and listen to each other. I am occupied by what brings us together, the table we sit around, what we cover it with, and the food we put on it.

La Table d´Eglantine

Here you can discover beautiful finds to set your special and personal table and items full of soul for your kitchen. Old fine things which with their patina have a history in them and testify that they have been used elsewhere in a different time. These things can be given new life, in a new home, and now form the frame around your table.

I love to cook, and here at La Table D’Eglantine I will share my recipes that have roots in French cuisine. There are both family recipes and French classics, but also a lot of green and everyday inspiration.


My France

I was born in the south of France, my mother is Danish and my father is French. We moved to Denmark when I was 2 years old, but my connection to France has always been strong.

When I was on holiday at my grandmother Mamie Jeanne in her house in La Chatre, she always made my favorite dessert Vacherin. She knew that the creamy white dessert drizzled with dark red raspberry coulis aroused joy, and made me feel spoiled - gâtée.

My food is inspired by my grandmother's, and I try to decipher her old handwritten recipes from the little stained book that always lay in the kitchen.


Besides hanging over my grandmother's pots, another favorite occupation was exploring and treasure hunting in the large attic of my grandparents' house. Objects from a bygone era and reminders from of my father's childhood with his 7 brothers in the big house.

Delight in food and enthusiasm for beautiful old things with a story have always followed me. Now the treasure hunt has moved on to the French brocantes and vide-grenier markets where I enjoy finding the many fine things for the table and kitchen.




My background

I am educated interior designer from the Design School in Copenhagen. I have worked with different types of interior design tasks, both for private customers and shops. In addition, I have had projects as a food stylist for various magazines and cookbooks.

I am also a co-founder of the company SMALL-DESIGN which designs and sells children's furniture.